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Venice, Italy.


Not the place Kim Yoshima thought she’d end up in. Yet, after the battle with the mythical yokai at Spirit Winds, Inc., she discovers the temporal displacement tremor she had summoned has transported her to the City of Masks.


Coincidence? Or has Kim been sent there because her friends, Lazo and Jenny Sibulovich, are also in Venice and in grave danger?

And what about Shioko and Wayne Brewster, and those others who helped her to harness the Spirit Winds? Have two of the people she cares most about been displaced in space and time also? Are they even still alive?

Struggling to accept that most dire of possibilities, Kim teams up with a frantic Lazo and a diverse group of Monster Hunters to find Jenny, who has been abducted by a cabal of ancient sorcerers.


In the process, a dark plot is uncovered that, if successful, will reach into the depths of Hell itself.

Just when she thought it couldn't get any worse...

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