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In 16th Century medieval Japan, Yoshima Mitsu uses her psychic abilities to send her young attendant, Shioko, into the future. There, Mitsu believes Shioko will be safe from the purges of the maniacal warlord Omori Kadanamora, his warrior monks and his half-human, half-bestial Shadow Trackers.


In present day Pittburgh, police Lieutenant Kim Yoshima is attacked by a creature out of someone's twisted nightmare. In the aftermath of that terrifying sturggle, Kim finds a young Japanese girl named Shioko, lost, confused, and calling Kim "Mitsu" and her monstrous attacker a "Shadow Tracker."


Meanwhile, Wayne Brewster dreams of the costumed hero, ArcNight. But more than that, he feels bizarrely connected to the fictional crime fighter as if ArcNight and his comic book world are real. And in all of his dreams, Brewster sees one constant, one face repeated over and over - the face of Kim Yoshima.


Empowered by a mysterious book, The Five Precepts to Enlightenment, Kim realizes her, Shioko's, and Brewster's destinies lie in the past. if they fail to realize them, history will be altered and the world will change forever.



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