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After returning from her time-traveling adventures in 16thCentury Japan, Kim Yoshima finds adjusting to her old life isn’t as easy as she thought it would be.


Neither is it for her friends, Shioko Yoshima, Jackson Yamaguchi, and her lover, Wayne Brewster.

All suffer trauma of varying degrees, struggling to adapt and reconcile the past and present, and what role they now have in the world. Despite the best efforts of the Shuugouteki counselors and friends and family members, Kim sinks into despair.


But, all is not well in the multiverse either. Not every mythological creature torn out of time-and-place by the Spirit Winds was sent back through the Void to its own realm. Some, like Damara, the Spider Demon, still exist in our world and hunger to go home.


To do so, they need Kim’s esper powers and will strive to harness them any way they can, even if it means Kim’s death.

And if that isn’t enough, an old enemy makes a startling return.



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